The day of your departure the rooms must be cleared within 14:00 o’clock am.


Since the quality of your stay derives above all from the observance of simple basic rules of cohabitation, our kind guests are asked:

  • not to make troublesome noises, especially in the night and in the afternoon till 4 o’clock pm;
  • not to turn the volume of the television too much up;
  • not to smoke in the common spaces (staircase and hall);
  • if the need to smoke is absolute, please smoke only near the open window in your room;
  • not to throw cigarette ends in the drains of the toilet or out of the window, but please use the ashtray which is provided on your demand;
  • not to throw padding, sanitary towels or other not degradable material in the toilet;


For safety reasons the use of your own electrical devices is not recommended.


Thanks for your collaboration and have a nice stay in casa Preziosa.